🔴Round 26 Opens September 19th - October 2nd

Family owned small business.

Meet Our Strike Sewist Team

Satchia Herring

I'm Satchia (Say-shaw) the seamstress extraordinaire behind TurkeyButt Threads. My shop is named after my turkeybutt children of whom I have three, two girls, seven and five, and a two year old baby boy 🙂 I threw myself into sewing about six years ago as a way to deal with my grief over losing my grandma unexpectedly, sewing was one of the things we used to do together. I sewed on a machine that my grandpa had gifted me shortly before his passing due to cancer. So, sewing has become a thing close to my heart, a passion, a way to show my kids I love them and something that keeps those I loved close, it's not just a job or business. My five year old likes to ask me why I sewed her "twinkle star bwankie" for her, knowing the answer but just wanting to hear me tell her: "Because I love you." ❤️

Amanda Williams

Hi! I'm Amanda, wife to an amazing man and mother to an every growing crowd of adorable spawn. I've been sewing my whole life and sewing clothes since I was in highschool. I also own Run About Clothing, a small shop that specializes in high quality, play-proof clothing for kids. EmyJean was the first company I sewed strikes for and I've loved everything she's ever run. 

Lakeisha Webb